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Embedding Center

Embedding Center  -EC215

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A Quick Look

1. Independent & flexible modular configurations of Cryo Station and Embedding Station

Allow flexible workflow arrangements (left-to-right, right-to-left) according to user preference.

Cryo Station can be activated and terminated separately, or along with Embedding Station.


2. OLED display

Helps achieve ideal visibility at any angle, eliminating the use of backlight.

3. Adoption of heating elements from latest technology and PID temperature control

Delivers fast & even heating, precise & independent temperature controls of Cryo Station, Paraffin Reservoir, Cold Spot(of Embedding Station), Warming Trays, Forcep Holder, Paraffin Releaser and Working Area.


4. Alternative Manual and Automated operational modes

Under manual mode, the system can be activated and stopped at any time. Under automated mode, on & off are settable in any minute/hour/weekday, the instrument can be automatically activated and all the settings can be automatically resumed upon electricity-supply.


5. Wax Dispensing

Dual wax-flow control design by touch-button or foot-switch offers alternative operational convenience. The imported quantity-adjustable dispenser valve and wrapping-type heating film heated dispenser bring with reliable, controlled and smooth wax flow.


6. All buttons are equipped with luminotron

Clearly demonstrates the working status.

7. Adjustable Magnifier

Can be defined into any direction at any angle, considerably assists in specimen orientation


8. Paraffin Trimming

Is available on both left-hand and right-hand, providing with convenient tissue block trimming


9. LED illumination

Can be adjusted into any direction at any angle, delivers brighter and more comfortable embedding environment


10. Cryo Station

Is equipped with inverter compressor, offering mode alternatives between freezing & cooling and more accurate temperature adjustments & controls.


11. Spacious working surface

Helps you realize preparations of more cassettes and molds so as to improve laboratory productivity considerably.


12. Cold Spot

Is driven by large imported semi-conductor, efficiently assists in rapid tissue orientation.


13. The Big Paraffin Reservoir

with a capacity up to 6.0L, is consistently ready with quality paraffin, making it possible for a continuous processing of 600 blocks.


14. Controlled power-output connections

are available with the Embedding Station, realizing simultaneous on-off set with Cryo Station and other equipments. 

Embedding Station   -EC215




Model No.


Temperature Control Range

Ambient-85℃ (±1℃)

Temperature of Cold Spot


Paraffin Reservoir Cap.


Dim. Of Warming Chamber (each)

240mm×160mm×50mm (L×W×D)

Working Surface Dim.


Cold Spot Dim.


Overall Instrument Dim.

670mm×575mm×395mm (L×W×D)

Net Weight


Working Voltage

AC220V/110V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz

Power Rating


Cryo Station EC215




Model No.


Temperature Range ( Control Mode)


Lowest Temperature (Freezing Mode)


Overall Instrument Dim.

710mm×350mm×390mm (L×W×D)

Net Weight


Working Voltage

AC220V/110V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz

Power Rating


Embedding Center EC215

(set of Embedding Station & Cryo Station)




Model No.


Net Weight


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