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Fully-Automated Slide Stainer

Fully-Automated Slide Stainer  -S1100

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A Quick Look

1.Compact Design & Foot Control

Allow the location of instrument next to sectioning area for optimizing Laboratory workflows.

2. Intuitive Touch Screen Interface &Convenient Man-Machine Interaction

Help achieve great information visibility and simple instrument operation.

3. Synchronized Analog Animation Display 

realizes clear demonstration of working status

4. 25 sets of staining protocols 

can be programmed and stored in the system by every operator upon password, max.30 editable steps can be accommodated in every set of staining protocol and max.9 operators can be accepted by the system at a time.


5. Up to 24 slides can be stained simultaneously with prompt staining process


6. The slide rack

can be stopped alternatively above or submerged in the Cylinder at the staining workflow end as per user’s selection.


7. The Water-Supply System

which is reliable intelligent valve based, enables fully-automated water inlet and drainage, insuring sufficient washing at all the staining steps.


8. The Sturdy APS Coated Housing

Features steamline design, highly resistant to chemical corrosion.




Model No.


Total Number of Cylinder


Number of Drying Cylinder


Number of Washing Cylinder


Number of Reagent Cylinder


Capacity of each Cylinder


Processing Time in each Cylinder

0-59 minutes, adjustable

Liquid Dripping Time

0-60 seconds, adjustable

Capacity of Slide Rack

24 slides

Agitating Frequency

0-6 times/min, adjustable

Programmable Protocol

25 sets/Username

Acceptable Users


Working Voltage

AC220V/110V±10%, 50Hz/60Hz

Power Rating


Overall Instrument Dim.

940mm×295mm×340mm (L×W×D)

Net Weight


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