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PlasMET series

Counting Chamber Slide, PlasMET series

Designed for the quantitation of particulate liquid material, in the applications of water & urine analysis, cell & particle counting and etc. 

Molded from a high quality optical-clear PS material, all the PlasMET counting chamber slides are of a standardized depth, subject to strict quality control during production & before delivery, and ready for use, delivering considerable accuracy & precision and great convenience over the conventional glass counting chamber .

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Structure of the PlasMET counting chamber slide:

There are 10 chambers on the slide

The area delimited by the grid is 3mm×3 mm,

The grid is divided into 9 squares of 1mm×1mm,

Every square of 1mm×1mm is further divided into 9 smaller squares of 0.333mm×0.333mm.


Corresponding capacities:

The whole delimited grid: 0.9μL

Each of the 9 squares of 1mm×1mm: 0.1μL

Each of the 9 smaller squares of 0.333mm×0.333mm: 0.0111μL


To obtain number of cell per μL: TμL = n/(k×N×CF)

To obtain number of cel per ml: TmL= (n×1000)/k×N×CF



n = total number of cells counted

k =0.0111

N =number of small squares observed

CF =concentration factor

TμL = total cells present in 1μL

TmL= total cells present in 1ml



Model No.


PlasMET counting chamber slide HM330

100pcs/box, 1000pcs/carton



PlasMET counting chamber slide HM340

100pcs/box, 1000pcs/carton



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