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Microscope Slides

 The PorLab Microscope Slides

● Provides w/Total Solution to Comprehensive Applications in Laboratory

PorLab Scientific Co., Ltd develop, manufacture and supply a wide variety of microscope slide categories. Almost all the demands from microscope slide applications in routine laboratory and clinical pathology can be met up with the PorLab microscope slide family.



● Offers Alternative Quality Choices upon Varying Customer Demands

Most of the PorLab microscope slide specifications are available with alternative choices upon

specific considerations between quality and cost, considerably improving the End-User customer satisfaction.


Can be Manufactured According to Different Adopted Standards.

The standard PorLab microscope slides are made in accordance with the ISO8037/1&ISO8037-2 international standards, in dimensions of 25.25(±0.25)×75.25(±0.25)mm. Various customized standards & requirements can also be applied upon different application appeals.

-    ISO8037/1

-    ISO8037/2

-    BS7011:SECTION 2:1; 1989

-    Various customized standards and requirements

● Greatly Assured by Modern Engineering and Management System

Our up-to-date engineering abilities assure that all the PorLab microscope slides are consistently & delicately processed on line, the deeply penetrated modern management system and philosophy throughout the whole product delivery process draw up a reliable guarantee that the PorLab microscope slides can always stand out on the market with high quality performance, from batch to batch.

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