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The PorLab color frosted microscope slides are designed with specially-formulated light color-coating, enable direct-to-slide printing and easy marking recognition, helping offer a more reliable, cost-effective and labor-free solution over the conventional labeling system and greatly improve specimen identification and traceability.

 With the precious and successful experience of researching & manufacturing diagnostic slides during the past decades, the PorLab color frosted slides feature extraordinary even & controlled color-coating above all the other products on the market. The color-coating is resistant to chemicals and stains that are commonly utilized in laboratory and proved to be ideally markable with most of the popular 2-D barcode based slide printers on the market.

Dimensions: 25.0×75.0×1.1mm



1. The color frosted layer may fall off glass when caustic conditions are applied

2. The smaller the barcode-size is, the worse the scanning effects might be

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