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Adhesion Microscope Slides

● ColorCode Poly-Ly-Sine

● ColorCode PLUS

● ColorCode AdStar


Thanks to the persistent dedication to the application study in routine H&E, Immunohistochemical (IHC) staining and Liquid based cytology, based on plentiful of guidance and suggestions from various professionals in the field, the PorLab adhesion microscope slide line was developed to offer a more reliable, demand-oriented solution to secure comprehensive tissue sections firmly during different experimental stages and under complicated experimental conditions. The PorLab adhesion microscope slide line covers:

- ColorCode Poly-Ly-Sine

- ColorCode PLUS

- ColorCode AdStar

Dimensions: 25.0×75.0×1.1mm




1. A trial prior to the use of the productS for the first time is recommened

2. The color frosted layer may fall off glass when caustic conditions are applied

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